• 5th Degree Black Belt, Taekwondo
  • Graduated from Chungbuk Sports High School in South Korea
  • Graduated from the Dept. of Sports Diplomacy at Chungcheong College
  • Graduated from Gyeongwon University with a major in Taekwondo
  • Medaled at many competitions in Korea and Europe including gold at the European Open and bronze at the Korean Open
  • As a Demonstration Team member sponsored by Chungcheong College, performed in Thailand, Myanmer, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Japan, Korea, US, Brazil, Mexico, and Germany
  • Certified as a Teacher of Practical Physical Education by the Ministry of Education, Taekwondo Referee by the KTA, Taekwondo Instructor by the KTA and certified in Sports Massage by the Korean Player Training Assoc.
  • Instructor in Taekwondo in the US since 2004